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Personality That Has Changed The Face Of Investment Management

When it comes to write about the famous personalities present in our world, there are many names that come into the mind. Famous personalities are not always the film stars or sportsperson or even the politicians of different countries of the world. There are many people in this world who have a lot of wonderful jobs in different fields and have taken them to new heights. One of those personalities is Blake Golding. In our world, there are many investment management companies present which are doing wonderful works in managing the investment works of individuals and also of different organizations. AGF management limited is one of the premier investment companies which is working in Canada, United States of America and also in different parts of Asia and this person named above is the chairperson of this wonderful organization. He is not only the chairperson but also the chief executing officer of this organization and it can be easily said that the person has done a number of wonderful works because of which the company is leading this business by a huge margin. Because of Blake Golding today this AGF management limited is managing somewhere around thirty billion Canadian dollars of investments all over the world which is very much higher than any other investment management company in this world.

Other Achievements Of This Wonderful Personality

By seeing the achievements in the above paragraph of AGF management limited company it is sure that the chairperson and CEO of this company is a very educated person. He has an honors degree in economics from the University of Toronto which makes him enable in making such decisions in investment management. Beside this honors degree he also has a MBA degree from INSEAD College in France. He has memberships in many financial institutions like Toronto society of financial analyst and institute of Canadian bankers. He is one of those few persons who have the designation of chartered financial analyst. Beside all these achievements, he is also the chairman of the Canada Company which is established in order to raise the number of leaders for supporting the military and their family members.

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